Roman(ian) Holiday

So I have been pretty busy with finalizing my project, teaching, and volunteering. At one point I was incredibly overwhelmed with everything going on. I was also getting worried about obligations back at home, finding an apartment for the next school year, and selecting rotations for my last year of pharmacy school. Sooooo…as you can see life never stops.

Yet, I have to remind myself to enjoy this experience. Stop stressing about things that are 6 months or more down the road. This is my first holiday away from home and my mom. I think it is slightly wearing on both of us. I find myself getting sad in the evenings or not sleeping well. Romania is home, but my mind and body knows that is not what I am use to this time of year. My friends here and back home, frequent phone calls to my mom, and lots of Christmas merriment are helping me cope.

I knew this was going to be challenging, but I did tell myself to take the risk. I am so happy so far with my projects and my experience. I would not change that for the world.

So with all that in mind, I challenge you all to step outside the box this holiday season. Be kind. Take risks. Enjoy every minute of this beautiful life with those you love.

Happy holidays! ❤

Craciun Fericit! ❤


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